Baldwin, William Warren

William Warren Baldwin, doctor, lawyer, politician (b at Knockmore, Ire 25 Apr 1775; d at Toronto 8 Jan 1844). He arrived in Upper Canada in 1799, eventually settling at York [Toronto]. Urbane, talented and in due course wealthy, Baldwin established a comfortable and distinguished law practice. His enduring reputation derives from his political activity. Although he served only 2 terms as an assemblyman he made a signal contribution to the cause of political reform and organization.

Baldwin was an 18th-century man, an Irish whig who supported aristocracy, primogeniture, ministerial responsibility and the civil and religious liberties of the British constitution. His great cause was RESPONSIBLE GOVERNMENT, that "the English principles of responsibility be applied to our local Executive Council." The fight was carried on by his eldest son, Robert BALDWIN, whom he had instilled with a sense of providential mission.