Troupes de la Marine

Troupes de la Marine (also known as independent companies of the navy, or colonial regulars), about 80 companies of 100 men each, est Dec 1690 as infantry for France and its colonies. About 30 companies were usually stationed in Canada and up to 20 at LOUISBOURG. The former gradually developed into the first permanent "Canadian" force. Initially composed entirely of Frenchmen, the companies came to be officered largely by Canadians. In the 18th century they became highly proficient in bush warfare, usually operating in small groups with militia and with friendly Indians in attacks on British forts and settlements. In 1758, during the SEVEN YEARS' WAR, the Louisbourg companies were taken prisoner by the British with the fall of that fortress. After the CONQUEST of 1760, many men settled in Canada, and many others repatriated to France went reluctantly.