Provincial Floral Emblems

Floral emblems are generally selected from among the flora of the country, nation, state, territory or province that they are meant to represent. Tradition dictates that the plant selected be popular and commonly found throughout the region. Floral emblems may thus differ from coats of arms or flags, since the latter are more symbolic in nature (see heraldry). For historical reasons, however, a non-indigenous plant or one linked to the founding nation, an industry or a particular landscape may be chosen. The entire plant or only the flower may be represented. The latter is a true floral emblem. The emblem may also be the leaves or branches of a tree. Some countries have both a floral and a tree emblem. Some emblems are adopted officially or legally, others are unofficially recognized by the people for historic, religious or other reasons.

The accompanying table lists the floral emblems of Canada and its provinces and territories.

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