Ordre de Bon Temps ("Order of Good Cheer"), was founded at Port-Royal in 1606 by Samuel de Champlain. After a disastrous winter at Ste. Croix Island (see Ile Ste. Croix: The Birth of Acadia) when many of the French settlers perished from scurvy, the colony was moved to Port-Royal in 1605.

Scurvy again took its toll but the following year the colony enjoyed a more pleasant winter. "We passed this winter most joyously, & fared lavishly," wrote Champlain, and in this genial atmosphere he founded the order ‒ modelled loosely on a European order of chivalry ‒ to maintain spirits and pass the time. Members took turns providing fresh game and, as chief steward of the day, leading a ceremonial procession to the table.