Matthew Stewart Hilton

Matthew Stewart Hilton, boxer (b at Cooksville, Ont 27 Dec 1965). He was one of 7 children, 6 of whom were boys who all boxed because their father had never been defeated during his 8 years as Canadian Welterweight Champion. The Hiltons have won more BOXING matches than any family of boxers in Canadian history. To date, only Matthew is a world champion. As an amateur, he won championships at several weight classifications as he grew to be a junior middleweight. As an amateur, he won 106 fights and lost none. On 27 June 1987 he fought Philadelphia's Buster Drayton for the world junior middleweight title and became the first Canadian to win a boxing world title since Jackie Callura won the featherweight championship in 1943. He held the title only until November 1988 and has since had difficulty with the law. Hilton embarked on a comeback in 1991. Hilton lists among the great fighters he has beaten Francisco De Jesus, Nino Gonzales and ex-world champion Wilfred Benetez.