'Le Drapeau de Carillon: légende canadienne'

'Le Drapeau de Carillon: légende canadienne'. Voice-and-piano setting (1858) by Charles Wugk Sabatier of four stanzas from a 32-stanza patriotic poem of the same title by Octave Crémazie. Alfred Paré, accompanied by Sabatier, gave the first performance 15 May 1858. The song commemorates the 100th anniversary of Montcalm's victory over the British troops at Fort Carillon (Ticonderoga, NY). It was published by J. & O. Crémazie (1858) and also in the third edition of Le Chansonnier des collèges (1860). Later editions and reprints testify to the popularity of the song. It was published by La Bonne Chanson in 1938 under the title 'Ô Carillon'. Joseph Saucier recorded the song twice for HMV. Antoine Dessane also composed a song titled 'Le Drapeau de Carillon' in 1861 using Crémazie's poem; the music is the same as that of his 1862 song 'La Mère canadienne,' with words by Emmanuel Blain de Saint-Aubin. Sabatier's song and Dessane's 'La Mère canadienne' are both reprinted in CMH vol 7. Le Drapeau de Carillon is also the title of an historical drama (1902) by Laurent-Olivier David and a choral drama (1937) by Father Gustave Lamarche. These two works, and compositions by Joseph Vézina and Benoît Poirier, all were inspired by Sabatier's song.