Lalemant, Jérôme

Jérôme Lalemant, Jesuit missionary (b at Paris, France 27 Apr 1593; d at Québec City 26 Jan 1673), brother of Charles Lalemant. He arrived in Canada in 1638 and was named superior of the Huron mission. He completed the first census of a native nation, introduced donnés (lay workers) and in 1639 centralized operations at Ste Marie Among the Hurons, a fortified headquarters and model community. Author of Relations des Jésuites, 1639, 1644, and much of the Journal des Jésuites, he was superior at Québec 1645-50. In 1649 the Huron mission was destroyed, and in 1656 he returned to France and taught at La Flèche college. Recalled as superior at Québec from 1659-65, he helped resettle Huron refugees near Québec.