Grant Fuhr, hockey player (b at Spruce Grove, Alta 28 Sept 1962). Grant Fuhr was one of the National Hockey League's best-ever goalies and a member of the outstanding Edmonton Oilers lineup of the 1980s. Fuhr began his professional career in 1980 with the WHL'S Victoria Cougars, being named to the First All-Star Team both years he played. In 1981 he was drafted as a first-round pick by the Oilers, commencing his 10-year stint with the successful team.

While a member of the Oilers' "dream team" consisting of such superstars as Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier and Glenn Anderson, Fuhr helped the team to 5 Stanley Cups in 7 seasons (1983-84, 1984-85, 1986-87, 1987-88, 1989-90). In addition to his numerous wins and shutouts Fuhr managed to collect 14 points in a season (1983-84), an NHL record for goaltenders. He had his best-ever season in 1987 when he accumulated 40 wins, earning the Vezina Trophy as the NHL'S best goaltender and securing a place behind Gretzky for the Hart Trophy as the league's MVP.

In 1991 Grant Fuhr was traded, like many of his 1980s teammates (including Gretzky, Messier and Anderson). Fuhr was sent to the Toronto Maple Leafs in a historic deal that involved 7 players. Yet his time with the Leafs was short-lived and he was traded once again, to the Buffalo Sabres, in 1993. Still unable to find a good fit after his success with the Oilers, Fuhr was traded again, this time to the Los Angeles Kings (1994). He ultimately found success with the St. Louis Blues (1995), and many who thought that he was past his prime were surprised to find that his ability to gel with his new team inspired him to reclaim the style and tenacity that had been his hallmark. During his first season with the team, 1995-96, Fuhr played 79 games (76 of them consecutively, a single-season record). His success continued into the playoffs that year but his season was unexpectedly cut short when he injured his knee in a game against the Leafs.

Fuhr continued to suffer knee pain in the seasons that followed and he began to play less until he was ultimately traded once again. In 1999 Fuhr joined the Calgary Flames with the intention of teaching and inspiring younger goaltenders. As part of the Flames Fuhr achieved a milestone for NHL goaltenders in a game against the Florida Panthers on 22 October, his 400th career win. Grant Fuhr announced his retirement a year later (in 2000) and in 2003 he was named to the Hockey Hall of Fame.