George Chuvalo, boxer (b at Toronto 12 Sept 1937). George Chuvalo became Canadian amateur heavyweight champion in 1955. He turned professional at 19, winning the Canadian heavyweight championship in 1956 when he defeated James J. Parker. Among the better-known of his vanquished opponents was Yvon Durelle. He lost the title to Bob Cleroux in 1960, regained it, then lost it to Cleroux again. He regained the title by beating Jean Claude Roy in 1968. This time he held the title for 11 years before giving it up in 1979.

Chuvalo is remembered internationally for his remarkable ability to stay with the world's highest-ranked boxers, none of whom ever knocked him off his feet. His opponents included George Foreman, Ernie Terrell, Floyd Patterson, Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali. Chuvalo finished with a lifetime professional record of 73-18-2; 64 of his 73 victories were by knockout. Chuvalo's accomplishments were finally recognized when he was belatedly inducted into the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame in 1990.