Dupuy, Claude-Thomas

Claude-Thomas Dupuy, lawyer, intendant of NEW FRANCE 1725-28 (b at Paris, France 10 Dec 1678; d near Rennes, France 15 Sept 1738). From a bourgeois family Dupuy became a lawyer in the parlement of Paris and in 1720 purchased the office of maître des requêtes. In 1725 he was appointed INTENDANT of New France and he took up the position in September 1726. Stubborn, inflexible and preoccupied by his status, by late 1726 he had already begun the quarrels with Governor BEAUHARNOIS that continued until his departure. Dupuy was recalled in 1728 when his precipitate actions in challenging the colony's ecclesiastical authorities over Bishop SAINT-VALLIER's death and funeral became known in France.