Charles de Beauharnois de La Boische Beauharnois, Marquis de, governor of New France 1726-47 (b at La Chaussaye, near Orléans, France 12 Oct 1671; d at Paris, France 12 July 1749). Beauharnois brought long experience as a naval officer in the wars of Louis XIV to the difficult task of checking British colonial expansion. With the help of allied Indigenous nations, he successfully defended strategic points on the Acadian boundary, on Lake Ontario and in the West despite peacetime financial restrictions.

The spread of the War of the Austrian Succession to North America in 1744 resulted in a shortage of trading items, which severely strained the French network of alliances with the native people. After Beauharnois's departure in 1747, several of his recommendations, such as the fortification of Québec City and the reinforcement of French might in the West, were approved.