Allan Studholme

Allan Studholme, stovemounter, labour leader and politician (b at Drake's Cross, Worcestershire, Eng 8 Dec 1846; d at Hamilton, Ont 20 July 1919). After immigrating to Canada in 1870 and taking up work as a stovemounter, Studholme was drawn into labour organizing in Hamilton, Ont, first in the Knights of Labor and later in the Stovemounters' International Union, whose president he became in 1901-02.

In 1906, in the wake of a violent street railway strike in Hamilton, Studholme won a by-election for the East Hamilton seat in the Ontario Legislature, where he served until his death. As the only independent labour member in the house, he fought for many reforms, notably the 8-hour day, a minimum wage and women's suffrage.