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Distilling Industry

The distilling industry is that part of the food and beverage industries engaged in clarifying, flavouring, blending and aging alcohol to make potable spirits (eg, brandies, grain spirits, rum) and establishments which manufacture ethyl alcohol, whether they are or are not used in potable spirits.

Microsoft Canada Inc

Microsoft Canada Inc is the Canadian subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation, a US-based computer products, services and software company founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975. The Canadian arm was established in 1985 and headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario.

Bank of Montreal (BMO)

The Bank of Montreal was founded in 1817, making it Canada’s oldest incorporated bank. From its founding to the creation of the Bank of Canada in 1935, the Bank of Montreal served as Canada’s central bank. Today, the various components of the Bank of Montreal are collectively known as BMO Financial Group. It’s Canada’s fourth largest bank by assets, and the eighth largest in North America. It offers services in three distinct areas — personal and commercial banking, wealth management, and investment banking — to more than 12 million customers (as of 2015).

Shipping Industry

Shipping is often the least expensive way of moving large quantities of goods over long distances. The existence of reliable water transportation has been a key to the economic and political well-being of most nations throughout history.

Balance of Payments

The balance of payments, or balance of international payments, is an accounting statement of the economic transactions that have taken place between the residents of one country (including its government) and the residents of other countries during a specified time, usually a year or a quarter.

Rogers Buys Vidéotron

On Bay Street they call him the king of cable, but Ted Rogers' ambitions have always extended far beyond the television set. For years, the founder and chief executive officer of Rogers Communications Inc.


JDS Uniphase Corporation

Jozef Straus has a reputation for being a bit, well, eccentric. There's that funky black beret he wears practically everywhere but in the shower - his company, Nepean, Ont.-based JDS Uniphase Corp., has even taken to handing copies of it out to visitors.


Microsoft Declared a Monopoly

You can tell a lot about Bill Gates' state of mind from the way he dresses. Much of the time, the chairman of Microsoft Corp. looks as though he's just rolled out of bed - his clothes are casual and rumpled, his hair is uncombed and his shoulders are speckled with dandruff.


Canada's Auto Industry Struggling

FOR THE FIRST TIME in his life, Buzz Hargrove didn't buy a new car last year after trading in his '99 Chrysler LHS. Instead, he got himself a Jeep, a luxurious 2002 Grand Cherokee. Now he admits he doesn't care much for it, that he's not one for an SUV.



A pension is a lifetime payment by a government or employer in consideration of past service after individuals have retired from employment because of age or disability; after death this payment may be continued, usually at a reduced level, to the individual's spouse or other survivors.

Ontario Economic Council

The Ontario Economic Council (1968-85) was established to advise the Executive Council of Ontario on ways to contribute to public awareness, discussion and understanding of socioeconomic issues of special significance to the people of Ontario.

Craft Unionism

Craft unionism, a form of labour organization developed to promote and defend the interests of skilled workers (variously known as artisans, mechanics, craftsmen and tradesmen).

Maple Syrup Industry

Maple products are a unique phenomenon with a rich history. The sweet sap of the sugar maple (Acer saccharum) was known and valued by the Indigenous peoples of eastern North America long before the arrival of European settlers.

Political Economy

Political Economy is the study of the relationship between POLITICS and ECONOMICS.

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) was founded in 1864. Today, it is the country’s largest bank and financial institution.

Toronto Stock Exchange

The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) is one of North America's oldest and largest stock exchanges. The main function of a stock exchange is to serve as a central meeting place for those who seek investment in their company and those who are willing to provide such investment.


Tax is an enforced contribution exacted pursuant to legislative authority in order to raise revenue for a public purpose. The first recorded tax in Canada appears to date back to 1650 when an export tax of 50% on all beaver pelts and 10% on moose belts was levied on the residents of New France.

Fraser River Railway Strikes

The Wobbly poet and martyr Joe Hill visited the camp at Yale and wrote several songs, including "Where the Fraser River Flows," still a labour standard.

Agricultural Implements Industry

In 1997 there were 247 manufacturers of agricultural implements in Canada, employing 11 101 workers. Only 2 establishments employed more than 1000 workers; 90% of establishments employed fewer than 100 workers.

Air Transport Industry

As would be expected in a large, thinly populated country, air transport is a very important part of the Canadian economy.

All-Canadian Congress of Labour

This national trade union federation was formed in 1926 as a rival to the Trades and Labor Congress, which was dominated by Canadian affiliates of American craft unions.


Barter is the exchange of one commodity or service for another without the use of money as a medium of exchange. A barter agreement (also called "countertrade") among countries calls for the exchange of stated amounts of goods.

Looneyspoons Team Launches Frozen Dinners

"Loser." With a smile curling up on her face, Janet Podleski savours and stretches out the first syllable. She is talking about her sister and business partner, Greta Podleski - and not in private.


BlackBerry Limited

BlackBerry Limited (formerly Research In Motion) is a mobile communications company. Founded in 1984 by Mike Lazaridis and Doug Fregin in Waterloo, Ontario, the company released its first device — a pager capable of email — in 1999. Following the release of its first smartphone in 2002, BlackBerrys quickly became must-have pieces of technology, first among business people and later the general public. However, in the early 2000s they struggled to keep pace with the competitive smartphone market. In 2016, the company announced it would outsource all hardware production to other companies, instead focusing on software development. Today, BlackBerry is credited with putting Waterloo on the map as an innovation hub. The business trades under the ticker BB on the Toronto Stock Exchange and BBRY on NASDAQ.

Saskatchewan Doctors' Strike

The Saskatchewan Medical Care Insurance Bill was introduced in the Legislature 13 Oct 1961, and received royal assent 17 Nov 1961, after Woodrow S. LLOYD had replaced Douglas as premier. It was to come into force April 1, but this was amended, later, to 1 July 1962.