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Roberta Bondar

Roberta Lynn Bondar, astronaut, physician, educator, photographer (born at Sault Ste Marie, Ont 4 Dec 1945). Bondar was the second Canadian astronaut in space, flying aboard the American space shuttle Discovery on Mission STS-42, 22-30 January 1992.

Julie Payette

Julie Payette, OC, CQ, astronaut, engineer, jet pilot, musician (born 20 October 1963 in Montréal, QC). Payette participated in two space flights to the International Space Station, STS-96 (1999) and STS-127 (2009), and served as the chief astronaut for the Canadian Space Agency from 2000 to 2007. In 1999, she became the first Canadian to board the International Space Station. An accomplished scientific authority, musician and athlete, Payette is a board member of Own the Podium and a member of the Canadian Olympic Committee’s board of directors.

Helen Irene Battle

Helen Irene Battle, zoologist, educator (b at London, Ont 31 Aug 1903; d there 17 Jun 1994). A pioneering Canadian zoologist and much-loved teacher, she was emeritus professor of zoology at the University of Western Ontario from 1972.

Frances Kelsey

​Frances Oldham Kelsey, CM, pharmacologist (born 24 July 1914 in Cobble Hill, BC; died 7 August 2015 in London, ON). As an employee of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Kelsey blocked the sale of thalidomide in the United States.

Isobel Moira Dunbar

Isobel Moira Dunbar, public servant, ice research scientist (b at Edinburgh, Scot 3 Feb 1918; d at Ottawa, 22 Nov 1999). In 1947 Moira Dunbar, an Oxford graduate, immigrated to Canada after 7 years in professional theatre.

Margaret Newton

Margaret Newton, plant pathologist (b at Montréal 20 Apr 1887; d at Victoria 6 Apr 1971), sister of Robert NEWTON.