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William Pearce

William Pearce, surveyor, civil servant (b near Port Talbot, Canada W 1 Feb 1848; d at Calgary 3 Mar 1930). Pearce journeyed west as a public-land surveyor for the federal Department of the Interior in 1874 and was promoted superintendent of mines in 1884.

William Ogilvie

William Ogilvie, surveyor (born 7 April 1849 in ​Ottawa, ​ON; died 13 November 1912 in ​Winnipeg, ​MB).

Alice Evelyn Wilson

Alice Evelyn Wilson, palaeontologist (b at Cobourg, Ont 26 Aug 1881; d at Ottawa 15 Apr 1964). In 1937 she was elected a fellow of the ​Royal Society of Canada, the first woman to receive that honour.

Alexander Murray

Alexander Murray, geologist, explorer (b at Crieff, Scot 2 June 1810; d there 18 Dec 1884). Murray served in the Royal Navy 1824-35, and then in 1837 immigrated with his young bride to Woodstock, Upper Canada.