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Charles Carpmael

Charles Carpmael, meteorologist (b at Streatham Hall, Eng 19 Sept 1846; d in Eng 21 Oct 1894). Carpmael directed the development and extension of the Canadian storm-warning and weather-forecasting services for more than a decade.

Charles Smallwood

Charles Smallwood, physician, professor of meteorology, founder of the McGill Observatory (b at Birmingham, Eng 1812; d at Montréal 22 Dec 1873). Arriving in Montréal in 1833, he later set up medical practice in St-Martin.

Francis Napier Denison

Francis Napier Denison, weather forecaster, engineer, scientist (b at Toronto, Canada W 19 Apr 1866; d at Victoria 24 June 1946). An innovative scientist, Denison was known to thousands of Victorians as "our weatherman.

Frederick Kenneth Hare

Frederick Kenneth Hare, environmental scientist, professor, administrator (b at Wylye, Eng 5 Feb 1919; d at Oakville, ON 3 Sept 2002).

George Templeman Kingston

George Templeman Kingston, meteorologist, (b at Oporto, Portugal 5 Oct 1816; d at Toronto 21 Jan 1886). For successfully promoting and organizing one of Canada's first scientific services, Kingston has been called the father of Canadian METEOROLOGY.

Isobel Moira Dunbar

Isobel Moira Dunbar, public servant, ice research scientist (b at Edinburgh, Scot 3 Feb 1918; d at Ottawa, 22 Nov 1999). In 1947 Moira Dunbar, an Oxford graduate, immigrated to Canada after 7 years in professional theatre.

John Patterson

John Patterson, meteorologist (b in Oxford County, Ont 3 Jan 1872; d at Clarkson, Ont 22 Feb 1956). Educated at University of Toronto and Cambridge, Patterson returned to Canada in 1910 after serving in India as professor and imperial meteorologist.

Morley Keith Thomas

Morley Keith Thomas, climatologist (b near St Thomas, Ont 19 Aug 1918).

Patrick Duncan McTaggart-Cowan

Patrick Duncan McTaggart-Cowan, meteorologist (b at Edinburgh, Scot 31 May 1912; d at Bracebridge, Ont 11 Oct 1997), younger brother of Ian MCTAGGART-COWAN. McTaggart-Cowan's family immigrated to Canada in 1913; he graduated from the University of British Columbia and was a Rhodes scholar at Oxford.

Sir Robert Frederic Stupart

Sir Robert Frederic Stupart, meteorologist (b at Aurora, Canada W 24 Oct 1857; d at Toronto 27 Sept 1940). A pioneer in METEOROLOGY, Stupart's career spanned 6 decades.

William John Patterson

William John Patterson, premier of Saskatchewan 1935-44 (b at Grenfell, Sask 13 May 1886; d at Regina 10 June 1976). First elected to the Saskatchewan legislature in 1921, the popular, though prudent, Patterson became the first Saskatchewan-born premier when he succeeded James GARDINER in 1935.