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Bruce Graham Trigger

Bruce Graham Trigger, anthropologist, archaeologist (b at Preston, Ont 18 June 1937; d at Montréal 1 Dec 2006).

David Boyle

David Boyle, blacksmith, teacher, archaeologist, museologist, historian (b at Greenock, Scot 1 May 1842; d at Toronto, Ont 14 Feb 1911). Although apprenticed as a blacksmith on arriving in Canada in 1856, Boyle became internationally prominent as Canada's premier archaeologist before WWI.

Graham Westbrook Rowley

Graham Westbrook Rowley, CM, MBE, MA (Cantab) explorer, archaeologist, public servant, (b at Manchester, Eng 31 Oct 1912; d at Ottawa, 31 Dec 2003). As a young archaeologist he went to the Eastern Arctic with the British Canadian Arctic Expedition of 1936.

John Norman Emerson

John Norman Emerson, professor, archaeologist (b at Toronto 13 Mar 1917; d there 18 Nov 1978). As a Huron-Iroquois specialist, he was the first in Canada to establish a continuing training program for Canadian archaeologists.

Walter Andrew Kenyon

Walter Andrew Kenyon, archaeologist, museum curator (b near Brantford, Ont 21 Feb 1917; d at Toronto 10 Sept 1986). He joined the Royal Ontario Museum in 1956 as assistant curator of ethnology, later earning Canada's first PhD degree in archaeology (U of T, 1967).

William Ewart Taylor Jr

Wiliam Ewart Taylor, Jr, archaeologist (b at Toronto 21 Nov 1927; d at Ottawa 13 Nov 1994).

William John Wintember

William John Wintemberg, archaeologist (b at New Dundee, Ont 18 May 1876; d at Ottawa 25 Apr 1941). Wintemberg worked as a compositor and later a coppersmith before his varied and dedicated antiquarian activities led to an association with the Ontario Provincial Museum.