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Patricia Beatty

Returning to Toronto, she founded the New Dance Group of Canada in 1966, which gave its first performance 1967 with guest artists Peter RANDAZZO and David EARLE. In 1968 she joined them in co-founding the TORONTO DANCE THEATRE.

Wilbert Colin Thatcher

Wilbert Colin Thatcher, rancher, politician (b at Toronto, Ont 25 Aug 1938). The only son of Liberal premier Ross Thatcher, Colin Thatcher entered Saskatchewan politics in 1975 as Liberal MLA for Thunder Creek.

Ryan Larkin

Ryan Larkin, animator (born at Montréal 31 July 1943; died at St-Hyacinthe, Que 14 Feb 2007). Ryan Larkin, a gifted animator with a unique, fluid style, was once described as "the Frank Zappa of animation films.

Frank L. Packard

Frank Lucius Packard, novelist, short story writer, engineer (born at Montréal, Que., 2 Feb 1877; died at Lachine, Que., 17 Feb 1942).

Robin Blaser

Robin Blaser, CM, poet, academic, activist (born 18 May 1925 in Denver, Colorado; died 7 May 2009 in Vancouver, BC).

Henry Wolsey Bayfield

Henry Wolsey Bayfield, naval officer, hydrographic surveyor (b at Hull, Eng 21 Jan 1795; d at Charlottetown 10 Feb 1885). At age 11, Bayfield joined the Royal Navy. In 1816 he was engaged by Captain W.F. Owen to assist in surveying Lake Ontario.

John Babington Macaulay Baxter

John Babington Macaulay Baxter, lawyer, politician, premier and chief justice of NB (b at Saint John 16 Feb 1868; d there 27 Dec 1946).

Barnabas and Marshall Spring Bidwell

Barnabas Bidwell, lawyer, teacher, politician (b at Monterey, Mass 23 Aug 1763; d at Kingston, Upper Canada 27 July 1833), and his son, Marshall Spring Bidwell, lawyer, politician (b at Stockbridge, Mass 16 Feb 1799; d at New York C, 24 Oct 1872).

Charles Bethune

Charles James Stewart Bethune, clergyman, entomologist, educator (b in W Flamborough Twp, Upper Canada 11 Aug 1838; d at Toronto 18 Apr 1932). He was a graduate of Toronto's Upper Canada College and University of Toronto's Trinity College (BA 1859) and was ordained an Anglican priest in 1862.

Norman James Dawes

Norman James Dawes, brewer, corporate director (b at Lachine, Qué 13 July 1874; d at Montréal 14 Apr 1967). Son of James P. Dawes, a third-generation Montréal brewer, he was educated at McGill and the US Brewers' Academy and entered the family brewing business in 1894.

James Beaven

James Beaven, philosopher (b at Westbury, Eng 9 July 1801; d at Niagara, Ont 8 Nov 1875). Educated as an Anglican clergyman, he arrived at King's College, Toronto, in 1843. He published the first philosophical work written in English Canada, Elements of Natural Theology (1850).

Tom Beck

Tom Beck, conservationist, oil-field environmental and social-management consultant (b at Wishaws, Scot 11 Mar 1932). Beck pioneered environmental protection and management in the Canadian PETROLEUM INDUSTRY.

Bristow Guy Ballard

Bristow Guy Ballard, research engineer (b at Fort Stewart, Ont 19 June 1902; d at Ottawa 22 Sept 1975). Ballard was educated at Queen's and worked for 5 years on Westinghouse high-speed electric locomotives before joining the NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL staff in 1930.

Marcel Barbeau

Marcel Barbeau, painter, sculptor, filmmaker (born 18 February 1925 in Montréal, QC; died 2 January 2016 in Montréal). One of the original signatories of Refus global, Barbeau was an active member of the Automotistes led by Paul-Émile Borduas.

Arthur Newcombe Bourns

Arthur Newcombe Bourns, OC, FRSC, professor of chemistry, university administrator (born 8 December 1919 in Petitcodiac, NB; died 29 May 2015 in Burlington, ON).

Billy Barker, VC

William George (Billy) Barker, VC, fighter pilot, war hero, businessman (born 3 November 1894 in Dauphin, MB; died 12 March, 1930 in Ottawa, ON). One of Canada’s foremost First World War flying aces, Barker is, to date, the most highly decorated military serviceman in Canadian history.

Antonio Barrette

Antonio J. Barrette, premier of Québec in 1960 and leader of the Union Nationale (born 26 May 1899 in Joliette, Québec; died 15 December 1968 in Montréal).

Édouard-André Barnard

Édouard-André Barnard, agronomist and journalist (b at Trois-Rivières, Qué 30 Sept 1835; d at Varennes, Qué 19 Aug 1898). An important Québec agronomist in the second half of the 19th century, Barnard had abandoned his studies early to go into trade.

Dave Barr

Dave Barr, golfer (b at Kelowna, BC 13 Apr 1952). Barr learned his golf while banging balls around a Kelowna schoolyard before joining the Kelowna Golf Club on a junior membership. He later attended Oral Roberts University on a golf scholarship, and turned professional in 1974.

John Barrow

John Barrow, football player (b at Delray Beach, Fla 31 Oct 1935).

Pat Carney

Patricia Carney, economist, journalist, politician (b at Shanghai, China 26 May 1935). In 1939 her parents brought her to Canada. While working as a journalist she studied economics at the University of British Columbia and graduated in 1960.

Marc Favreau

Marc Favreau, author, actor and stand-up comedian (born 9 November 1929 in Montréal, QC; died 17 December 2005 in Montréal).

Roland Poulin

Poulin was strongly marked by his early experience of abstract canvases of Paul-Émile Borduas, as well as by the rigorous abstraction of the Plasticiens, particularly Guido Molinari, of the generation before him.

Tim Brady

Timothy Wesley John Brady, "Tim," composer, guitarist (b at Montréal 11 Jul 1956). He studied guitar and composition at the New England Conservatory in Boston and began his career in Toronto in 1980 before returning to Montréal in 1987.

Michael Conway Baker

He has been the recipient of 3 Genie Awards for best film score, a Juno for best classical composition, a Gemini for best score in a television series and an award for Outstanding Success in Film Music from PROCAN (now SOCAN), the Canadian performing rights society.