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Acid Rain

Acid rain is the wet or dry deposition of acidic substances and their precursors on the Earth's surface. The ongoing industrialization of society has resulted in the increased release of acidic chemicals into the atmosphere.


Drought is the condition of critically low water supply caused by persistently below-normal precipitation.

Hurricane Hazel

Hurricane Hazel struck the Toronto area on 15-16 October 1954, with devastating results. It was Canada's worst hurricane and Toronto's worst natural disaster. During the storm, winds reached 124 km/h and over 200 millimetres of rain fell in just 24 hours.

Toronto Feature: Hurricane Hazel

Hurricane Hazel was one of the most devastating and unpredictable tropical storms of the 20th century. It was first identified on 5 October 1954, in the Caribbean, where it smashed into Haiti and then battered the Carolinas. The storm struck Toronto on 15 October with winds of 124 km/h and record rainfall.

Drought in Palliser's Triangle

Prairie farmers, as they cope with continuing drought, might wonder just whose brilliant idea it was to farm the area. Recurrent droughts are the largest source of risk, uncertainty and hardship in the Western Canadian economy.


Frank Slide

Lillian Clarke, 15, worked late at the hotel in Frank on April 28, so her employer offered her a room for the night. It was the first time the young girl remained away from home overnight.

Extreme Weather in Canada

Weather forms the Canadian psyche as much as hockey and the maple leaf.

Fog Bowl

The Grey Cup was donated by Albert Henry George Grey, yet another of those governors general who have left their monikers on our sporting life.


An avalanche is a rapid, downslope movement of snow, with varying proportions of ice, water, rock, soil and vegetation.