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Music at Expo 67

Expo 67 was the largest event among the celebrations marking Canada's centenary. It ran from 28 April to 27 October 1967, and its theme was “Man and His World.” The exposition was located on 400 hectares (ha) of man-made islands in the St Lawrence River adjacent to Montréal.

Early Music Vancouver

Early Music Vancouver (before 1987 known as the Vancouver Society for Early Music). Founded in 1969 by David Skulski, Ray Nurse, Jon Washburn, Hans-Karl Piltz, and Cuyler Page to foster interest in medieval, renaissance, and baroque music.

Charlottetown Festival/Festival de Charlottetown

Established to present original Canadian musical theatre in the summer, it opened 27 Jul 1965 with the premiere of Anne of Green Gables


The Ashkenaz Festival

The Ashkenaz Foundation is a community-based non-profit organization dedicated to fostering an increased awareness of Yiddish and Jewish culture through the arts. Ashkenaz places equal emphasis on the need for preservation and innovation within this cultural milieu.


Mariposa Folk Festival

Mariposa folk festival. It was founded in 1961 in Orillia, Ont, by Ruth Jones, her husband, Dr Crawford Jones, and Pete McGarvey. The name 'Mariposa' was taken from Stephen Leacock's book Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town, in which the 'little town,' a thinly disguised Orillia, was called Mariposa.

1989 International Choral Festival/Festival Choral International 1989

1989 International Choral Festival/Festival Choral International 1989. Month-long series of choral performances held in Toronto 1-30 Jun 1989, conceived by its artistic director Nicholas Goldschmidt.

1985 International Bach Piano Competition/Concours International Bach de Piano 1985

The 1985 International Bach Piano Competition/Concours International Bach de Piano 1985. Held in Toronto 1-12 May 1985, it was designed to commemorate J.S. Bach's tercentennial year, and to celebrate one of Bach's great interpreters by benefiting the Glenn Gould Foundation.

Festival des Arts de Saint-Sauveur

The Festival des Arts Saint-Sauveur was launched as the Festival des Arts Hiawatha by Montréal businessman Lou Gordon in summer 1992 and took its current name in in 1997.