Sproatt and Rolph

Sproatt and Rolph, architectural firm (est 1899) of Henry Sproatt (b at Toronto 14 June 1866; d there 4 Oct 1934), and Ernest Ross Rolph (b at Toronto 21 Jan 1871; d there 4 May 1958). Sproatt, an authority on Gothic architecture, served as the principal designer. He was trained in New York C 1886-89 and commenced architectural practice in Toronto in 1890. He was in partnership with Frank Darling in the 1890s. Rolph, the pragmatic designer and builder, trained with David Roberts, an early Toronto architect (Gooderham Mansion, York Club), and then worked as an architect and engineer for the Canadian Pacific Ry in BC. The firm Sproatt and Rolph was responsible for numerous institutional, commercial and residential buildings in Toronto, including Hart House and the Memorial Tower at U of T (American Inst of Architects Gold Medal, 1926); Bishop Strachan School, Manufacturer's Life Building, Ontario Club and National Club. Both men were widely recognized as patrons of the arts and were elected fellows of the Royal Institute of British Architects.

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