Pintendre, Qué, Municipality, pop 6209 (2001c), 6035 (1996c), 5028 (1991c), inc 1901, area 54.65 km2, is located on the south bank of the St Lawrence River 5 km south of LÉVIS. It lies on the agricultural plain adjacent to the Appalachian mountains. Three rivers flow through its boundaries: Etchemin, la Scie and des Couture.

Originally, Pintendre was part of the territory of Lévis. Agriculture was the mainstay of the population. Forestry also thrived. The name of the municipality most likely comes from the forests of "tender" (French, tendre), or supple, white pine (French, pin) that once covered the area. It was originally incorporated under the name Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague-de-Pintendre; the shortened version of the name was adopted in 1986.

Agriculture is still prominent in the economy. The area is known for horse breeding. Other important industries are textile manufacturing and the distribution of furniture hardware.