The Republic of Indonesia is located in southeast Asia. It is the world's largest archipelago and is comprised of more than 17 000 islands; three of the largest islands are Sumatra, Java and Bali. Almost all Indonesians have emigrated since the 1960s, when political instability in Indonesia threatened certain ethnic and political groups. The 2006 census recorded 14 320 people of Indonesian heritage in Canada.

Approximately 90% of the Indonesians in Canada are of CHINESE origin, but because of language differences they have not been closely associated with the Chinese community. Though most Indonesians have come to Canada directly from Indonesia, others born there have come to Canada via the Netherlands, Hong Kong, China, and more recently, Vietnam. Most have settled in Ontario (44%), BC (32%) and Alberta (14%). The majority of Indonesians in Canada live in urban centers such as Toronto (about 25%), Vancouver (about 21%), and to a lesser extent in Calgary, Edmonton, Kitchener and Hamilton. Many Indonesian immigrants are highly educated and have sought occupations in the scientific, managerial or clerical fields. Indonesians are well known for their distinct style of cooking and their famous batik fabrics.